BMI operated an in-house call center for over 25 years, so we understand what it takes to keep your customers happy. BMI Global-OMS® has the tools your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) need to handle all inquiries, problems or special requests which may arise.

CSRs are able to easily retrieve and toggle between multiple orders for a customer and make decisions based on the customer’s full order history. Variable scripts pop up to help your reps treat your customers exactly as you would handle the call yourself.
BMI Chart
  • A Simple, Easy to Use System for Your CSRs
    • Summary and detailed transaction history right at their fingertips
    • Linked lookup so all activity for a member can be accessed from a single account.
    • Ability to easily process reships, adjustments, post comments, modify continuity program options, defer dunning efforts, make upsell offers, cancel-save offers, etc.
    • “Click to track” with link to carrier’s website.
    • Agents can generate canned or personalized emails or letters directly from BMI Global-OMS®
  • Advanced Retention/Upsell/Cross-Sell Functions
    • Customized Cancel-Save scripts and options
    • Quick modification of options to meet new opportunities or challenges
    • Automatic pop-up reminders for reps to make upsells/cross-sells
    • Variable scripts/options at the program, offer, source or customer level
  • Options to Keep Your Customers Happy
    • Flexibility for continuity members to change their product selection, quantity, frequency, payment method or other options
    • Temporary change of address/alternate address (e.g. for “snowbirds”)
    • Option to temporarily suspend shipments
    • Variable Returns options – RMA, Merchandise Return labels, etc.
    • Integration with IVR systems
    • Online customer service functions so customers can help themselves