Reporting and analytics are the cornerstone of any direct response project.
BMI provides information in formats that are logical, easy to understand and complete, without the burden of excess information.
BMI Chart

We work with every client to determine the best possible analytical options. For some, the existing reports that we have available are sufficient for their needs. Others may decide that the existing report is close but needs some modifications. And, we often work with our clients to custom-build new reports.

When asked to build a new report, we don't just "program it". We will spend time with the client to determine exactly how the report will be used. By taking the time and working together, we end up creating a report that truly fulfills the client’s needs.

Reports can be provided as Excel spreadsheets, comma-delimited files, PDF, hard copy or various other formats. Reports can be run remotely via the internet or can be automatically run and emailed to clients on a pre-scheduled basis. The reporting delivery system is completely flexible, so different reports can be sent at variable frequencies to variable recipients.

BMI also works to ensure that different reports can be cross-referenced against one-another to verify that all of the reports and data are in balance.

Typical reporting options include:
  • Sales Response and Analysis
  • Continuity Projections and Analysis
  • Lifetime Value / RFM
  • Retention/Attrition Analysis
  • Inventory and Shipment Activity
  • Dunning/Credit and Conversion Activity
  • Financial Reporting: Payments, Aged A/R, Cash flow projections, Sales tax, Royalties
  • Customer Service Activity Details and Analysis
  • Returns & Chargeback Analysis